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Hard Drive Recovery

Recover your Data from:

♦ Logical errors

♦ Physical damage

♦ Operating System crash

♦ Accidental formatting

♦ Accidental deletion of data

♦ Inaccessible drive or

♦ Any other human errors

Pen Drive Recovery

Recover your data From:

♦ Inaccessible Pen drives

♦ Accidental deletion of data

♦ Accidental formatting

♦ Other logical errors

♦ Physical Damage

♦ Broken Pen Drive

♦ Any other Human error

External Drive Recovery

Recover your data from:

♦ Logical errors

♦ Physical damage

♦ Accidental formatting 

♦ Accidental deletion of data

♦ Inaccessible drives

♦ Other Logical errors

♦ Any other Human error

Memory Card Recovery

Recover your Data from:

♦ Inaccessible Storage

♦ Deleted Smart Media

♦ Formatted Memory card

♦ MMC, mini-SD, Pro Duo

♦ USB Flash Drive,

♦ Other storage devices

♦ Any other Human error


Why Quick Data Recovery Pune?

We are Pune's Leading Data Recovery Service Provider, we are expert in recovering data from all types of Storage Devices, We are considered to be one of the most reliable and experienced hard drive recovery providers in the the city.

Utilizing the latest and most advanced data recovery techniques to date, we are capable in retrieving our customer's data safely, quickly, and affordably.



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